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Anna Friel's bathtime nightmare

Anna Friel has told how she broke out in a terrible rash after filming a scene in a copper bath and suffering an allergic reaction.

The London Boulevard star plays eccentric Hungarian countess Elizabeth Bathory in her new film Bathory, who was dubbed The Blood Countess as legend claimed she bathed in the blood of virgins to keep her youth.

Anna revealed: "I was in the copper bath and I realised that I had an allergic reaction to it and I broke out in big hives. I didn't even get angry which was quite funny."

The Pushing Daisies star was delighted to get the part in director Juraj Jakubisko's indie film as she initially lost out on the role to X-Men's Famke Janssen, but was given the part when things with Famke didn't work.

But filming on the low-budget production was chaotic.

Anna confessed: "I think I lost my temper when I was almost set on fire in the final scene. That was difficult.

"The set was prepared and I was meant to sing the entire song - a hymn, and Juraj said 'when we get to the end of the song and the room is still alight, then start to sing the song again'.

"I had the words of the song taped to the ceiling above my bed, because it was a very difficult song with Slovakian words.

"Very quickly the whole room just went whoosh! In fact I barely had two words out of my mouth and I couldn't actually feel my face. It was so hot that I put my hands over my face, and I believe it was left in the film like that.

::Bathory is released in cinemas on December 3


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