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Anne Hathaway to play Barbarella?

Anne Hathaway is apparently set to play Barbarella in the remake of the 1968 cult classic.

The Devil Wears Prada star is "attached" to the project to reboot the sexy sci-fi fantasy film, reports.

The original was directed by Frenchman Roger Vadim and starred Jane Fonda as space ranger Barbarella, who despite her sexy appearance and skimpy outfits, has a prudish attitude to life until she finds herself sexually awakened during her mission to rescue Dr Duran Duran.

The remake has long been in the pipeline with Underworld star Kate Beckinsale originally tipped to star.

Machete director Robert Rodriguez took over the project in 2007 and cast his then fiancee Rose McGowan in the title role.

But Robert stepped down from directing the movie last year, reportedly because Universal's plans to shoot in Germany would take him too far from his family in Texas. He has five children with his ex wife.

Legally Blonde director Robert Luketic was rumoured to be attached last year but the project currently has no director.


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