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Anne Hathaway's plans for catsuit

Anne Hathaway has revealed she wants to keep her catsuit after she has finished filming Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

The One Day star is reprising the iconic role in Christopher Nolan's new film and said she'd like to make public appearances in character as the feline superhero.

Anne said: "I don't know if Chris'll let me keep it. I'd love to if he would.

"I went and visited a children's hospital the other day and I started to think 'Oh my God what if I could show up to entertain children as Catwoman, that would be the coolest ever!' So I'm hoping they let me keep one for personal appearances."

The 28-year-old actress also told Daybreak she loves that her new job requires "sliding into leather and purring a lot".

Anne joked: "It's been great, I enjoy both of those things in my personal life so the fact that I get paid for it is wonderful!"


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