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Anthony Head slams Buffy remake

Anthony Head has said he would not even watch a remake of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie if Joss Whedon was not involved.

The British actor played Buffy's mentor Giles in the hit TV series starring Sarah Michelle Gellar which Joss produced and directed from the story he created for the 1992 film of the same name. It has since been reported that Fran and Rubel Kuzui, who directed the original movie, plan to remake the film.

Asked if he would take up the role of Giles, Anthony said: "Not if Joss Whedon wasn't involved no. No absolutely no!

"It's Joss Whedon's project, it's his baby, why anyone would think they could make a film without him I don't understand. It's just illogical."

He added he wouldn't even go and watch the remake.

The Merlin star appears alongside Meryl Streep in Phyllida Lloyd's film The Iron Lady as Tory cabinet member Geoffrey Howe, famous for attacking Margaret Thatcher over Europe in his resignation speech.

Anthony said: "Phyllida never wanted an impression, she always said she wanted the essence of the man and I think I managed it.

"He is a politician. He actually was quite steely underneath that. But when I met him he was absolutely charming."


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