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Anthony Hopkins: My life is a dream

Sir Anthony Hopkins says his life has turned out better than his “greatest dream”.

The 73-year-old star has won a host of awards during his lengthy career and is widely regarded as one of the greatest actors in Hollywood. Even though he has enjoyed success and fame through his movies, he says his greatest achievement is marrying antiques dealer Stella Arroyave. Hopkins says his wife has turned his life around and he values their relationship above anything else.

“My life turned out to be beyond my greatest dreams. I don’t mean the money and fame and all that. I mean I’m married. My wife, Stella – a beautiful woman,” he said in an interview with British newspaper The Daily Telegraph. “She’s brought a lot of peace to my life, a lot of wisdom. She met me ten years ago, when I was shut down. I didn’t feel shut down at the time. I felt I was quite happy. But I was dealing with slight depression. Not trusting anyone. Certainly not trusting women.

“Every day, she wakes up happy. She’s very positive about everything. I learnt from her to just take life as it comes. So I live my life in non-expectation.”

Hopkins still feels passionate about acting and relishes fresh challenges. The star has a host of new movies to promote, including The Rite and Thor, and has no plans to slow down. Even though he is well-respected in his profession, he claims he doesn’t trust many people in the industry.

“Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t preclude me from being enthusiastic about what I do. I work very hard – if you can call it work,” he added. “I put everything I’ve got in. Invest myself into all. I always want it to work out well for everyone concerned. But I find in the end, no one gives a sh*t about anything.”

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