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Ant-Man Paul reveals star quality

Ant-Man actor Paul Rudd has admitted he was "humbled beyond belief" as he unveiled his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The comedy actor, best known for his work in the Anchorman films and buddy movies such as Role Models and I Love You, Man, makes the transition to superhero to play the title role in the new Marvel blockbuster.

Revealing his star on Hollywood Boulevard near Disney's El Capitan theatre, he said he was trying to savour the moment.

"In the last week I've made a specific point to take a mental and emotional snapshot of what has been going on in my life. There have been some incredible things that I really want to treasure and getting a star on the walk of fame is the high water mark."

Rudd, 46, lived in California as a young child before his family settled in Kansas and he said he recalled walking down the famous street.

"I remember walking the boulevard and reading the names and thinking what so many people have thought - 'Who is that?' The fact that millions of people are now going to be able to see me and ask that same question for time immemorial is humbling beyond belief."

Rudd was introduced by his Ant-Man co-star Michael Douglas at the ceremony in Los Angeles.

The Basic Instinct star plays Dr Hank Pym in the comic book movie, a scientist who becomes a mentor to Rudd's Ant-Man.

Addressing the crowd, Douglas said the first time he met Rudd he mistook him for a homeless man in the trench coat, adding: "The next time I saw him the trench coat was gone and he was so ripped."

Turning to the veteran star, Rudd said he could not believe he had a chance to work with his hero.

"If I had a crystal ball when I was at school and could see I was going to be working in a movie like this with Michael Douglas, I wouldn't have known what to say. We all have a list of actors we would kill to work with and Michael Douglas is at the top of my list and has been for a long, long time.

"I can't believe that I worked with him and that he knows my name and that he is here today. It makes no sense to me at all that Michael Douglas is here."

Ant-Man is released in UK cinemas on July 17.


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