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Arnie: I am the Terminator star

Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed he will be the main attraction of Terminator Genisys.

The 67-year-old star assured fans that he will have a big role in the upcoming fifth instalment of the sci-fi franchise, despite the newly released trailer showing him seemingly committing suicide.

"I have the starring role and you see me throughout the entire movie. Just remember that this is just the first trailer," he told followers during a Facebook Q&A.

"Don't worry, you'll be seeing A LOT of my Terminator," he added.

Arnie reprises his role as the cyborg in the fifth film, directed by Alan Taylor, alongside newcomers Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke, Matt Smith and Jai Courtney. He unleashed the sneak peek on his Facebook page, with the caption: "Terminators don't wait for timelines - they create them. Here's the Terminator Genisys trailer. I'm back."

" For me to slip into the Terminator character is like riding a bicycle. It is something I could never forget," he said.

"Alan Taylor was an absolutely fantastic, visionary director to work with. And the new cast was so talented, but more importantly, they were so willing to work their a** off to make this a great movie."

But he admitted it wasn't easy giving up his favourite food so he could remain in top form for the role.

"(I love) penne with meat sauce. But... two months before filming this movie and throughout the four months of shooting I never touched any pasta so I could stay in the Terminator shape," he said.

" It is the greatest joy when you have a real purpose, and you have to go back to training two hours a day and increase the sets, increase the reps, increase the reps. It feels like training for a competition."

In one scene, the actor fights a version of himself.

"It is absolutely bizarre to fight yourself, but at the same time nostalgic to go back to one of the scenes that really launched my career and experience it again. As you see in the trailer, the timeline can change. Remember, there were multiple T-800s built," he explained.

Arnie also gets to utter his famous line.

"I always like the 'I'll be back' line because it is a great philosophy for life. Life isn't all successes, it is also defeats," he said.

"But you can always be back. No matter what, just like the Terminator. You're not a loser when you fall. You're only a loser if you don't get up. Winners get up and come back."

Terminator Genisys opens in cinemas in July 2015.


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