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Arnie not into 'star treatment'

Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed he makes sure he never gets any special treatment on movie sets.

The Terminator actor stars in new action film Sabotage, but told Collider that despite being an action icon he always ensures he is just one of the cast.

Arnie, a former Governor of California, said: "You act like a normal human being and you treat them like a buddy because you're all working together.

"It's no different than being Governor. You put a team together and say, 'Guys, we all want to shine here. We all want to show that this administration is going to do things that other administrations have thought was impossible. Let's kick some a** together. If anyone needs anything, let me know.' Then, it becomes a buddy thing in the office, rather than, 'Mister Governor, can I have a word with you?'."

He continued: "I never go on a movie set as the star. I always go as the guy who just does his job, like the electrician does his job and the hairdresser does her job. Let's all work together and make this happen, rather than have the star treatment."

Arnie told how starring as a DEA task force leader in writer and director David Ayer's film gave him the chance to do something "unique and different".

He explained: "The script was brought to me and I read it, and I said to myself, 'Wow, this could really look different than previous Schwarzenegger movies.'

"David Ayer brings a fresh approach to the movie because he has all these little cameras all over the place, and he shoots everything and gets really inside the game, rather than from the outside looking in. His approach of bringing realistic stuff to the screen and being a fanatic about prepping appealed to me... So I said to myself, 'I've got to take this opportunity and do this movie because I'll work with a great director and writer'."


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