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Arnie takes a spin on a Boris Bike

Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken time out from promoting new movie Terminator Genisys to get in some training on a Boris Bike.

The 67-year-old action star swapped his motorbike for a slower mode of two-wheel transport and was spotted cycling around London.

Schwarzenegger documented his ride on the Santander Cycle - to use its official name - on social media and some fans were concerned for his safety in the London rush hour traffic.

But he joked that being a robot, as he is in the Terminator movies, would protect him.

One fan tweeted him writing: "On the bus to work, and genuinely just nearly ran over @Schwarzenegger riding a Boris Bike across Piccadilly Circus #nohelmet #illbeback."

The actor re-assured him replying: "Don't worry, I would have been fine - living tissue over a metal skeleton."

In response to a tweet asking "Why is everyone trying to knock Arnold @Schwarzenegger off his Boris Bike in London this morning?", Schwarzenegger replied: "In case I do get hit, can you give me a list of bodyshops so I know where to direct the drivers to fix their cars?"

It is not the first time he has been on a Boris Bike, as he is clearly a big fan.

In 2011 he was taken for a ride by Mayor of London Boris Johnson and enjoyed it so much he took his own cycling trip round the big smoke in 2012.


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