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Arterton backs Elba to play Bond

Former Bond girl Gemma Arterton has backed Idris Elba to play the secret agent with a licence to kill.

The actress, who played Strawberry Fields opposite Daniel Craig's Bond in Quantum Of Solace, also said electronic pop duo Goldfrapp should perform the theme tune for the new film.

She told Magic Radio's Jo Parkerson: "I think Idris has got the cheek, he's great with action, he's funny but he's suave at the same time, he's sexy and he's black and I think we should have a black Bond.

"I just did a film with Idris and I was like 'You should be James Bond'."

Asked who should perform the theme tune to Spectre, which is expected in cinemas in November, she said: "I always thought that Alison Goldfrapp should do one actually.

"I think she's got such a Bond vibe to her music, especially her early stuff. I always thought, wow, she's so Bond but maybe she's not sort of mainstream enough for them. I'd love for Goldfrapp to do the Bond theme, yes."

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