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Asa: I want to play James Bond

Asa Butterfield is only 14 years old but he already has his eye on the part of James Bond.

The young British actor made his name aged 11 in The Boy In Striped Pyjamas and stars in Martin Scorsese's new 3D film Hugo alongside Oscar-winner Sir Ben Kingsley.

Asa revealed his dream role was: "Young Bond! Or some sort of sci-fi movie."

He added: "I'm getting quite a bit old to do proper kids' films now. I think I want to start doing more teenage roles, where I play a more mature character."

Asa has now been cast in Ender's Game, a sci-fi thriller about a bullied young boy who turns out to be a master military strategist.

But he admits it can be hard to adjust going from red carpets to school life.

He said: "Going from doing science GCSE coursework to flying out to New York is quite a big change. You've almost got to change the way you behave and become a lot more mature when you're working."

But he doesn't mind doing magazine photo shoots to promote his films.

He revealed: "It's good meeting different photographers because I'm doing photography GCSE, so I learn a lot from them.

"I think it's quite fun getting a suit by Dolce & Gabbana. That's definitely a perk of the job."


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