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Ashton Kutcher: No dirty feet in bed

Ashton Kutcher had a “dirty feet situation” when he was filming love scenes for his new film.

The Hollywood hunk stars alongside Natalie Portman in romantic comedy No Strings Attached, about two lifelong friends who take their relationship to the next level. While the pair vow just to have fun together things soon become awkward when feelings get involved.

Ashton and Natalie had to shoot several sex scenes for the film and soon felt at ease stripping off in front of each other. However, walking around in bare feet had its setbacks because they got so dirty and Ashton was reluctant to get into bed with filthy toes.

"Nah, there were no major injuries," Ashton told MTV News. "There was a dirty feet situation. Because the ground was dirty, and there was one scene where we both had our feet up, and they were showing in camera. We were walking around getting ready to do the scene, and the set floor was a little dirty, so we both had really dirty feet. That was weird, I don't know why. No dirty feet in bed."

Ashton – who is married to Demi Moore – admits the intimate scenes were uncomfortable to film at times because he is such good friends with Natalie. However, he did his best to diffuse any tension in the air by trying to make her laugh.

"It's always sort of awkward and giggly, right? Because you're there and you're with someone you sort of know, and there's a lot of people watching," he explained. "It's always kind of in-between scenes you try to make jokes and divert it, 'Oh it's not a big deal,' try to make it seem like it's not a big deal."

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