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#AskLouis: Louis Theroux talks documentaries and biscuits in online Q and A

The documentary maker has filmed himself answering weird and wonderful questions from Twitter.

(Matt Crossick/PA)
(Matt Crossick/PA)

By Edd Dracott, PA

Documentary maker Louis Theroux has entertained his followers with a weird and wonderful question and answer session on Twitter.

Broaching subjects from music to his favourite biscuit, the TV personality filmed himself answering questions posed to him by users of the hashtag #asklouis.

The session was part of a campaign to publicise his new book, Gotta Get Theroux This: My life And Strange Times In Television, copies of which could be seen in a bookcase behind him in the footage.

Asked how he felt about a university event, Theroux Soc, held in homage to him, he said he felt “good” adding: “What about this year? Did they decide it was no longer worthy of the honour?

“In general, I’ve been very pleased to see old programs of mine have had an after life – and I’m grateful for anyone under 40 taking an interest.”

On a more serious tone, another user asked if Theroux would interview Wade Robson and James Safechuck – two men who spoke about alleged sexual abuse they received from pop star Michael Jackson in the 2019 documentary Leaving Neverland.

“I thought Dan Reed, who made Leaving Neverland, did a good job,” he said. “I do think there are other people whose voices need to be heard… maybe I’ll get to do that one day.”

Many queries people had were about Theroux’s likes and dislikes. For example he explained his favourite drink is “often a gin and tonic followed by a red wine” or “tequila if I’m in party mode”.

He also revealed that the last film he saw was Judy, starring Renee Zellweger, which he watched thanks to a special preview in preparation for his appearance on The Graham Norton Show this weekend.

In response to another question, Theroux did an impression of the magician and illusionist Uri Geller, who he met during the filming of his 2003 documentary Louis, Martin & Michael.

Theroux also explained that the first concert he went to was Simon & Garfunkel – a birthday present from his mother.

“It was one of those presents where you secretly suspect it was more of a gift to my mum than to me,” he said.

Theroux also said he believes the biscuit most suited to dunking in a cup of tea is a chocolate chip cookie, adding that he is “on record” as saying the best biscuit is a Choco Leibniz.

Finally, perhaps the most off-the-wall question saw Theroux asked if he would rather nipples for fingers or fingers for nipples.

Theroux answered: “Great question… I think I would rather have fingers for nipples.

“If I had nipples on my fingers they would get too sensitive and you would be stimulated through the day, it would be distracting.

“Plus who doesn’t want more digits? You could actually pick things up and move around the house with glasses of wine attached to your chest.”



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