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Astin, Camp are Pitch Perfect pair

Pitch Perfect stars Skylar Astin and Anna Camp have promised more musical mayhem in the upcoming sequel.

The couple will reprise their roles as Jesse Swanson and Aubrey Posen respectively in the follow-up, alongside Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and newcomers Hailee Steinfeld and Katey Sagal.

But they kept any details close to their chest, with Anna saying: "Round two is lots of dancing and singing," to which Skylar added: "Singing with no musical accompaniment."

They did open up about Elizabeth Banks, who makes her debut as a director with Pitch Perfect 2.

"She is super fun. She gets the girls, she gets the humour really well and I think people are going to love it," Anna said.

Skylar added: "She loves the movie, she's just really enthusiastic."

The pair, who are dating in real life, admitted they don't share any scenes together in the film.

"It was so great. It was like the best time ever. I got to be with him every day. We don't have any scenes together but... We just have to support each other and bring each other things that we needed. It's really nice," Anna revealed.

Skylar said: "I know, it stinks. But when she was working, I got to be the boyfriend and when I was working, she was the girlfriend."

Pitch Perfect 2 will be released in 2015.


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