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Atkinson finds it 'hard to relax'

Rowan Atkinson has revealed that he can find life on a film set stressful.

The comic actor, 56, who returns to the big screen this month for his second outing as bumbling spy Johnny English, says he sometimes takes things a little too seriously.

The Mr Bean star admitted: "Generally speaking, I find work quite hard and stressful."

"It's much friendlier being in an ensemble cast.

"One of the problems with Mr Bean, for example, is it's far more singular and you're on your own as a performer, whereas with Blackadder, there was this democratic feel of the jokes being distributed around the cast and that made for a very nice atmosphere."

The Johnny English Reborn star added: "My personal problem is I take the business of film-making so seriously, I find it hard to relax.

"I find it incredibly difficult to fall about laughing when things go wrong, I tend to just close up."

Recalling his time in the TV hit Blackadder, he said. "They're always looking for bloopers, the moment when the glass broke or the doorknob came off in your hand, but there was never any reaction from me whatsoever.

"My brain is always focused on other things."

:: Johnny English Reborn is released in cinemas on Friday, October 14.


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