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Atwell in Marvel secret agent role

Hayley Atwell has revealed she took on a secret agent role for Marvel, starring in the short Agent Carter.

The actress revived her Captain America role of Peggy Carter in the hush-hush 15-minute long film but told Empire she had to promise to keep it a secret even from family and friends.

She said: "It was an amazing, amazing week. Marvel were like, 'Don't say anything.' It was really hard, even with friends and family.

"They were like, 'She sounds really aggressive on the phone and out of breath like she's been beating people up!'"

The film, which was made to be released with the Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray, sees Hayley doing some serious villain fighting.

She said: "She can do everything the boys can do, but she's wearing heels and a pencil skirt, and checking her make-up in a compact.

"Although there's a couple of shots where you don't see my feet - I'm actually wearing sneakers so I could get to full throttle."

Agent Carter and the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray are released on September 9.


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