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Aykroyd predicts Yogi Bear success

Dan Aykroyd is keeping his fingers crossed that Yogi Bear will be a box-office smash.

"Depending on the first weekend we'll see, you never know in this business, but I think [Warner Bros] have got a big hit here," he admitted at the film's LA premiere.

"It's funny, you can take people that are eight years old to see it, and it's a family thing," the 58-year-old comic-actor said of the film's mass appeal.

He added: "Everybody will enjoy it, it's sweet, the characters are endearing."

The film sees the unlikely pairing of The Blues Brothers star (who voices Yogi) alongside singer Justin Timberlake (who voices Boo Boo).

"Oh people are going to be saying 'Pic-a-nic' for the next 20 years I think!" Dan said of the fun he had re-creating the voice.

"It was on [TV on] Wednesday's where I grew up and on Thursday in the school yard everyone was doing the last episode of Yogi Bear.

"Everybody was doing the 'Hey Boo Boo', we all called each other that at school, and my whole generation grew up with that. I think we've really recreated it beautifully for this one," he admits.


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