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Ayoade: I'm not cool, just lucky

Richard Ayoade says he doesn't feel "cool" - despite having a huge fan following.

The actor-turned director, known for his afro and thick-framed glasses as computer geek Moss in The IT Crowd, is making his feature film directorial debut in coming-of-age comedy Submarine.

He said: "I don't really know what being cool feels like. There are people who are clearly cool and I don't feel among their number. I guess it means you're not very self-conscious."

Submarine went down a storm at the Toronto and London film festivals. Richard adapted the screenplay for the film from Joe Dunthorne's book.

But the 33-year-old said: "I think luck is a massive governing force... I always find it very odd when people go, 'I worked very hard for this and I deserved it' because lots of people work very hard and deserve things, so to not say you're very fortunate seems somewhat self-aggrandizing, as though you have complete command over your destiny.

"I really like this [Wes Anderson] film Bottle Rocket where Owen Wilson has a 75-year plan. Obviously it's funny because it's ridiculous - who knows what's going to happen? So yeah, it's not planned... otherwise you start sounding like Charlie Sheen."

:: Submarine is in UK cinemas from today (March 18).


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