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Ayoade never thought he'd direct


Richard Ayoade says he is pleased he has been able to direct a film

Richard Ayoade says he is pleased he has been able to direct a film

Richard Ayoade says he is pleased he has been able to direct a film

Richard Ayoade has admitted he never thought he would get the chance to direct a film.

The IT Crowd star directs The Double, a big screen adaptation of Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel about a man driven insane when his doppelganger appears and takes over his life, which stars Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska.

He said: "I didn't think it would be possible to direct films at all. I hoped to write, and I guess that's still the thing I do mainly. This [directing] feels very unexpected."

Richard added that he thought Jesse and Mia did a very different job to his own screen roles: "What these actors do is a completely different thing to what I do. I'm more or less waiting for someone to finish what I'm saying and then I say something, whereas they're really doing something that's very complex.

"But I'm aware of how difficult it is to act, through not being able to do it. So you want to create a sympathetic environment, not have people talk during their scenes and not overtly shake your head after they've finished something - things that you really do see directors do."

He said of filming difficulties, which included night shoots and Jesse playing two parts: "It was physically hard, but it's just dressing up. It always seems absurd talking about some hard shoot, no matter what it is. It's like complaining about playing cowboys and Indians."

Richard also added in a romance aspect to the story, with the woman Jesse's character loves being unable to tell the two men apart.

He said: "While I completely emotionally relate to Simon as a character, and his disintegration, what causes it doesn't quite feel like the same cosmology that we occupy, where you could unravel that much through status at work.

"I don't know that anyone feels that way about work. I could be wrong, because I don't have a proper job, but it doesn't feel as important. Not being recognised by someone who you love seems far more dangerous."

:: The Double is released in cinemas on Friday, April 4.