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Baldwin 'stalker' appears in court

A Canadian actress accused of stalking Alec Baldwin is upbeat about the case as her lawyer said she had a legitimate reason for contacting the star.

"I'm confident that my lawyers are going to solve this," Genevieve Sabourin said after a brief, procedural appearance in a Manhattan court.

Baldwin, 54, and Sabourin, 40, met on the set of the 2002 sci-fi comedy The Adventures Of Pluto Nash, in which he had a cameo and she was a publicist.

Baldwin told authorities they had dinner together in the autumn of 2010.

Sabourin was arrested last month after authorities said she sent the 30 Rock star a series of emails begging him to see and to marry her - emails allegedly sent days after Baldwin became engaged to yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas.

One of Sabourin's messages envisioned the actor as her future "husband," while another described "creating Genevieve Baldwin," the complaint said.

Authorities said she also showed up at a screening he was hosting and at Baldwin's apartment building, where she was arrested on April 8 on misdemeanour stalking and harassment charges.

"I just came over to see Alec because I need to speak with him," she told police, according to a court document filed late last month.

She is also believed to have turned up unannounced at his home in the Hamptons in March.

But defence lawyer Maurice Sercarz said Sabourin had a relationship with the actor, but he would not describe the ties between the two. A former Sabourin lawyer said they had a two-year "mutual relationship."


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