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Banks: TV boasts top roles now


Elizabeth Banks is impressed with today's TV shows

Elizabeth Banks is impressed with today's TV shows

Elizabeth Banks is impressed with today's TV shows

Elizabeth Banks has revealed that she would consider a recurring TV role if it was "right".

The Hunger Games actress, who reprises her role of Effie Trinket in the sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, admitted she is very impressed with the quality of writing on TV shows.

"I think, never say never. There are some really amazing female roles written for TV right now so I'm really inspired by what's going on in television. Some of my favourite actresses are doing incredible work in TV so never say never," she said.

While she didn't go into details about her top TV roles, the 39-year-old continued: "As with anything, I just go where great writing is, where a character really moves me and if I can do something new and keep revealing more about someone over a long period of time, I would be interested in that."

Elizabeth also admitted it wasn't easy leaving her family to go to work.

"I have a family of my own now, so there's a really intense unit of me, my husband and two babies. They're really everything," she said.

"I love doing this (film) for the audience, but I also love setting an example for my children. When I leave them, it's because I'm leaving them for what I'm passionate to do."

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She added: "I'm more passionate about being their mum than anything else, so when I leave the house, I better be doing it for something I really care about. I think that's a good example to set for them."

:: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is in cinemas now.

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