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Barnes: I finally play the villain

Ben Barnes has confessed he found himself trying to get into trouble as he got into character to play his first villain role in upcoming crime drama God Only Knows.

The young British actor, known for playing the heroic Prince Caspian in the Chronicles Of Narnia films, admitted how excited he was to be cast as a bad guy at 31.

Ben revealed: "I finally, finally, finally after about 10 years, I've finally been allowed to play the tough guy and I was so excited!

"But it was so geeky the way I was flicking through books of fake tattoos going 'Ooh!' not at all gruff.

"But once I got into it I found myself walking around the streets of Boston, kind of staring at people, trying to find myself some trouble! You just kind of immerse yourself in these worlds, it's pretty incredible some of the adventures we get to go on as actors.

"Not so much in the adventure films, which I've done quite a bit of, but when things are bit more true to life you can go and find people that are similar to the people you're hoping to play and immerse yourself in their world for a little bit."

In God Only Knows Ben plays an ambitious criminal who works his way into the Boston Mafia, only to clash with the boss.

He said: "It was definitely fun to pretend. Fun to get punched in the face and not feel it!"


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