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Baron Cohen plans hooligan role

Sacha Baron Cohen is planning to play a football hooligan in his new movie, according to reports.

The Daily Mirror says that the Ali G and Borat star has spent the last few weeks researching his latest alter-ego, as a Northern football thug.

Filming is set to start on the new movie early next year.

A source was quoted as saying: " Sacha loves playing extreme characters and has done some extensive research... He will be pushing his own alter-ego as far as he can, making him incredibly stupid, narrow-minded and offensive.

"The plan is to try to fool a couple of famous football pundits and Premiership managers with his disguise, and use them in the film."

Bruno star Sacha, who was meant to play Freddie Mercury but pulled out of the role, also wants to trick England manager Roy Hodgson, posing as the "ultimate England fan," the Daily Mirror says.


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