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Baruchel played at dragon scenes

Jay Baruchel has said despite just having a voice part in animated film How To Train Your Dragon 2, he couldn't hold himself back from acting out the action behind the scenes.

The actor voices Hiccup in the series of films and the spin-off TV show, and said that he found it impossible not to act out what was happening as he recorded his character's script.

He said: "Oh my gosh, if you only knew, I'm glad there's precious little footage of me recording out there because it looks insane.

"I can't help but pantomime when I'm riding a dragon or fighting or falling. Of course, I'm in something about the size of a pantry, but I flail about like an idiot."

Asked if he spent his spare time practising his dragon moves further, Jay replied: "Listen, what happens in the confines of my basement is between me and my cats."

Cate Blanchett has joined the cast for the sequel and Jay said it was testament to the film's success that it attracted such big names.

He said of Cate's presence in the cast: "It's incredible, I'd say it classes up the joint, but that would be a disservice to all the awesome people who were in it the first time.

"It speaks to how awesome this world is that we can keep raising the stakes and amping everything up and we get really cool people that gravitate towards it, because whether it's animated or not, a good movie is a good movie, period."

How To Train Your Dragon 2 is in cinemas now.


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