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Bateman avoiding sequel pitfalls

Jason Bateman has admitted it can be difficult to keep audiences interested for multiple sequels and said the Horrible Bosses 2 team worked hard on making it as good as the first one.

The Arrested Development star returns in the comedy about three friends battling their disastrous work life alongside Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day and Jennifer Aniston.

He said of the sequel: " Our goal was to do something bigger and better than the first one because we knew people would be bored by just seeing the same film again - you can do that at home."

Jason continued: "A third one would be a good idea only if it looked as if it could be as good as the first and the second one. The target's even smaller on the third one because people are really ready for those films to suck, so it'd have to be pretty top notch."

He also said that the actors had contributed to the script: "We try to keep things loose and sloppy on the set so it seems like we're best friends, but a lot of the improvisation that we did was before we started shooting, because we were involved quite a bit with the writing and the plot.

"So we'd come up with ideas and talk to the writers about it, and for the most part they'd throw it in the script, otherwise you'd see a bunch of actors sulking and that's not a good look."

Charlie added that he had been pleased to get another chance to work with Jamie Foxx, who is back as the pals' criminal consultant as they try to free themselves from another work dilemma.

He said: "I love Jamie Foxx and I got to work with him a little more on this one than the first one, so I got to know him a little bit better as a person, and he's as cool in real life as he comes across on the screen. He's just the best."

Horrible Bosses 2 is released in cinemas on November 28.


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