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Bateman got ID switched for Melissa

Jason Bateman has revealed he persuaded writers to change the role in his new film ID Theft so he could work with Melissa McCarthy.

The Change-Up star is producing and starring in the new comedy, which was meant to be about two men, but revealed he was so keen to work with the Bridesmaids star he asked writers to change the ID thief to a woman.

Jason said: "It's a movie that we'll probably start shooting in March and it's a film where I play a character that gets my ID stolen by Melissa McCarthy.

"Originally we had made it about two guys and I saw Bridesmaids and asked the writer to switch it to a woman because, I don't know, I just thought it would be better and I'm dying to work with her.

"So I'm really looking forward to that."

The original script was written by The Pursuit Of Happyness' Steve Conrad and Craig Mazin.

It was recently reported Jason is in final negotiations to star in love story The Longest Week with Olivia Wilde and Disconnect, an ensemble drama about the pitfalls of modern communication.

This year he appeared in The Change-Up, Horrible Bosses and Paul, but he likes being busy.

Jason said: "It doesn't feel like pushing myself it just feels like working. People in other professions get to work every day and as an actor you want to work, so when you're invited to do stuff that's got people you respect involved with it, it's very hard to say no.

"I'll do great work as much as it's given to me."


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