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Bates: I play 'old lion' in Tammy

Kathy Bates has said she would have been happy to play any role just to work with Melissa McCarthy on Tammy.

The 66-year-old Oscar-winner portrays Lenore, a successful entrepreneur who figuratively slaps sense into the film's lovable loser of a titular character, played by Melissa.

When asked why she took the role in the US comedy movie - created by the Bridesmaids star and her husband Ben Falcone - Kathy said: " I'd heard they wanted me for a part. I didn't know what part. I told my agent, 'I will play a giraffe with green spots, whatever they say.'

The Misery star said she was keen to work with Melissa because: " Even when she gets outrageous, when she gets on the most ridiculous jaunts and puts a bag on her head and all of that, you go with it, because it's real. It's grounded in reality. You almost believe, 'Hey! I'd do that, too'."

Talking about her character in the film, Kathy said: " I think of Lenore as an old lion. It's taken her many years to create her business, to have a life for herself and (partner) Susanne (Sandra Oh). They met in college and I think they came out when it was very difficult for lesbians to be accepted.

"What I love about the way we are portrayed in the film is that Susanne and Lenore are a normal, healthy couple, which says, 'You can't legislate who you love'."

The veteran actress said she could see similarities with herself and Lenore: " I am an old lion, too. I'm nipping at the cubs quite a bit these days. When I get a young director who wants to do all these fancy shots and use all these wide lenses from a low angle, he'll get nipped.

"I have spent 50 years of my life learning about this craft. And I'm about to turn it over to the kids that are coming up, which I will do, willingly."


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