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BBC accidentally airs man making insensitive comment about Keith Chegwin’s death

The TV presenter died after battling a progressive lung condition.

Television viewers were outraged after the BBC accidentally broadcast a man making an insensitive comment about the death of Keith Chegwin.

The TV presenter died on Monday at the age of 60 after battling a progressive lung condition. The BBC News channel was due talk to Chegwin’s former colleague John Craven, but then cut to the weather instead.

A man’s voice was then heard saying: “Too much smoking probably.”

Some of the people watching went online to express their disgust at the blunder.

“Too much smoking probably…. what a gaffe. typical bbc @keithchegwin rip,” posted one person on Twitter.

Another tweeted: “Extremely ashamed at @BBCNews @BBCOne A tragic report that Keith Chegwin has sadly passed away from ongoing lung issues, only to hear a big gaffe as someone can be heard saying…”Too much smoking probably” #ShameOnYou.”

Another person complained that it was in “bad taste”.

A BBC spokesman said: “During a live interview the studio had a sound issue with a guest which resulted in off-air audio being inadvertently broadcast and it was quickly rectified.”


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