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BBC commissions six-part comedy series Mister Winner

The show stars comedian Spencer Jones as the ironically named Leslie Winner.

Three years after the end of TV hit Miranda, another accident-prone character is coming to BBC1.

Comedian Spencer Jones will star as the ironically named, disaster-prone Leslie Winner in the comedy Mister Winner.

The six-part series, penned by Matt Morgan, will air on the flagship channel following a successful pilot.

The BBC’s controller of comedy commissioning Shane Allen said the broadcaster wants to “bring Spencer’s terrific talents to a wide audience on BBC1”.

The show aims “to land a broad appeal comedy with heart, physical set pieces and lots of accidents. Audiences seem to really enjoy watching people have accidents!”.

Stefan Rousseau (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

Miranda came to an end with seven million viewers tuning in to see Miranda Hart finally walk down the aisle with Gary, played by Tom Ellis, on January 1 2015.

Actress Hart suggested that acting out her character’s constant mishaps had lost some of its appeal, saying: “I think in some way I’ve grown out of performing it.

“When I trip over, or sing, or do fruit people, I think, ‘Oh come on Sitcom Miranda Person, that’s a bit embarrassing now’.”

Mister Winner, in which the main character forever finds himself in disastrous situations, will air in 2018.

It also stars Detectorists and Peaky Blinders actress Aimee-Ffion Edwards as girlfriend Jemma, and Extras and EastEnders actor Shaun Williamson and Call The Midwife’s Dorothy Atkinson as Jemma’s parents.

Miranda Hart (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

Chris Sussman, BBC Studios’ head of comedy and the sitcom’s executive producer, said: “Spencer is one of the funniest comedians around at the moment and absolutely belongs in a starring role on BBC1.

“After dropping him into a shark tank in the pilot, we’re really looking forward to throwing him into some more life-threatening situations for the series.”

Jones said: “The pilot episode was one of the best times I’ve ever had on set, so I cannot wait to get stuck in again with such a brilliant, funny and talented group of actors.


“Thanks very much to the BBC for getting behind us, and championing a show we all hope people will laugh at and love.”

Williamson said he could not “wait to get stuck into the series”.


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