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BBC Director-General Tony Hall addresses gender pay gap

The Corporation has been under pressure since it was revealed two-thirds of its stars earning more than £150,000 are male,

BBC Director-General Tony Hall has said he is “determined to close” the gender pay gap, but that the causes tend to be “structural – and societal”.

The Corporation has been under pressure since it was revealed two-thirds of its stars earning more than £150,000 are male, with Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans the top-paid on between £2.2 million and £2.25 million.

Lord Hall announced a review into presenter pay, as well as representation and diversity.

The BBC has also commissioned a report on its gender pay gap and is carrying out an audit on equal pay – looking at any differences in salaries for the same jobs.

BBC Broadcasting House.

He said in a speech to staff: “We’ve got to continue to modernise – and a big priority as part of that is fairness and pay…”

He added: “We’ll look across each and every job because I want you to be confident that you’re paid fairly. I think we’ll be stronger – demonstrably fair – and more open as a result.

“So, over the past few weeks, I’ve been listening – and talking to – many people. Our conversations have been invaluable… and there are more to come.

“I want to make progress quickly… First, we’ve commissioned a report on our gender pay gap – and it’ll be independently audited.

“Our gap is primarily about the different balance of men and women at different levels. It’s based on the whole picture across the organisation – and the causes tend to be structural – and societal.”


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