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BBC journalist Rory Cellan-Jones reveals Parkinson’s diagnosis

Fellow broadcasters wished him well.

Rory Cellan-Jones shared his diagnosis online. (Victor Frankowski/Shutterstock)
Rory Cellan-Jones shared his diagnosis online. (Victor Frankowski/Shutterstock)

BBC journalist Rory Cellan-Jones has revealed he is suffering from Parkinson’s.

The technology correspondent shared his diagnosis after viewers noticed him shaking on-air.

Cellan-Jones has said he is receiving good treatment and his symptoms so far are mild.

The broadcaster wrote on Twitter to share the diagnosis.

He wrote: “A couple of people have noticed my hand shaking in my live 5G broadcast today.

“So seems a good time to reveal that I’ve recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

“I’m getting good treatment and the symptoms are mild right now – so I’m carrying on as normal. Onwards and upwards!”

Fellow broadcasters have sent messages wishing him well after he shared the news.

BBC presenter Evan Davis wrote on Twitter: “Rory.. you are being showered with good wishes and respect. And deservedly so. Wishing you well as you deal with it.”

Sky’s Ian King posted: “Rory – desperately sorry to hear that, but good to know it won’t stop you from keeping up your great work. Very best of luck with the treatment.”

The BBC’s North America editor Jon Sopel said: “Best to you Rory.”



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