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BBC presenter Ben Brown's live TV boob 'completely unintentional'

The former war reporter said it was “completely unintentional”.

A BBC News presenter who appeared to touch a woman’s breast as he moved her aside on live TV has said it was “completely unintentional”.

News anchor Ben Brown was speaking to his colleague, assistant political editor Norman Smith, about the launch of the Labour Party election manifesto in Bradford when the men were interrupted by a member of the public.


The woman, who was carrying several bags and wearing a leopard print top and black jacket, stood between the pair and said: “Absolutely fantastic.”


But she was quickly brushed aside by Brown, whose right hand appeared to touch her chest as he tried to move her out of shot.

The as-yet unnamed woman then slapped him on the shoulder before walking off.

The former war correspondent later tweeted to say it was unintentional.


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