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BBC snaps up second season of Red Rock

By Daire Courtney

The BBC has snapped up the rights to TV3's award winning series 'Red Rock'.

The series premiered on BBC One on July 11 and secured over 1.3 million viewers, making it one of Ireland's most successful TV exports.

Red Rock is based around the Garda station of a fictional Irish seaside town and features two warring families, the Hennessys and the Kielys, and their dealings with police.

The show won three awards, including People’s Choice TV Show Of The Year, at its first IFTAs in 2015.

UK audiences were left on an emotional cliff-hanger last week as season one concluded with the death of Superintendent James McKay. Season 2 will air to UK audiences next year.

John Yorke, executive producer of Red Rock, said he's "thrilled" by the BBC deal.

"Launching a brand new soap in this day and age requires a huge amount of bravery from any broadcaster, so we’ve been thrilled by how the BBC have gotten so behind us. There are loads of twists and turns to come, so we can’t wait for British audiences to join us again next year.”


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