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Beckinsale likes Underworld catsuit

Kate Beckinsale has told how she had to shun fine foods to slip back into her vampire catsuit.

The British actress has reprised her role in the Underworld movies and said she loved squeezing back into the unforgiving leather outfit.

But she admitted it was tricky keeping on top form to return to the role as Selene for a fourth time for Underworld: Awakening.

The 38-year-old had been filming action thriller Contraband immediately before the latest vampire romp.

"I was in New Orleans shooting Contraband where's there's the best food in the whole world, so that was annoying," she laughed.

"But it's good, it's a costume I really like, so I don't mind too much."

Underworld: Awakening sees Selene wake up from an enforced sleep to discover she has a daughter, played by India Eisley.

"So many things have happened to her," Kate said. "She's fallen in love and everyone has betrayed her, and she now has a child - I guess in this movie you get to see a little bit more of her vulnerable side, but she also gets more p****d off."

:: Underworld: Awakening is in cinemas now.


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