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Bedtime story role 'really sweet and nice' for Captain America star Chris Evans

The Hollywood star follows in the footsteps of Tom Hardy.

Captain America star Chris Evans said he wanted to “curl up” after filming a bedtime story for CBeebies.

The Hollywood star, 35, follows in the footsteps of Tom Hardy, David Hasselhoff, Damian Lewis, Sir Derek Jacobi, James McAvoy and former Doctor Who star David Tennant in signing up for the slot.

He told the Press Association: “I hope I did well. It was fun. It was really sweet and nice.

Chris Evans (Steve Rogers/ Captain America) attending Marvel Avengers: The Age Of Ultron European Film Premiere held at the VUE cinema in Westfield, London.

“I know it’s a big thing over here. I’m excited about it.”

The Avengers star, whose new movie Gifted is out next month, has filmed a few stories, including Even Superheroes Have Bad Days, a book by Shelly Becker and Eda Kaban showing children how to cope when they feel overwhelmed.

He added: “All the stories had a lot of good night themes.

“I was putting myself to sleep when I was doing it. Some of the stories were just so comforting. It made me want to just curl up.”

The US star could emulate the success of heartthrob Hardy, who became a huge hit with adults watching the children’s channel, when his story airs on Wednesday.

When Taboo actor Hardy read stories on Mother’s Day, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day, adults, rather than the channel’s target pre-school audience, admitted switching over to CBeebies to watch.

:: Gifted is in cinemas on June 16.


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