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Belfast street life videos win filmmaker £10,000

Videos of Belfast street life have won a filmmaker a £10,000 art prize.

Seamus Harahan used inexpensive hand-held equipment to make short films which blur the lines between observational footage and experimental art on the streets of the Northern Irish capital.

The Belfast-based artist, who grew up in London and east Tyrone, has won the 2015 Film London Jarman Award for his moving images.

He describes his work as sitting somewhere between documentary an d music video.

One of his pieces features a group of casually dressed men appearing to attack a house on a residential street, knocking the front door in and breaking a window - b ut the men are actually attempting to rescue the occupant from a fire.

Harahan has won £10,000, as well as a commission for Channel 4's Random Acts strand.

Adrian Wootton, chief executive of Film London and the British Film Commission, said: "This year's shortlist demonstrated the breadth of artist filmmaking across the UK, and choosing between them was the toughest decision to date for our jury.

"Exploring deep issues with a knack for playfulness and a true artist's eye for detail, Seamus' work is challenging and experimental while also humorous and accessible, all of which makes him a worthy winner of this year's award.

"Congratulations are also due to cinematographer Noski Deville who wins the first ever Jules Wright Prize for Creative Technician. The field of artist filmmaking is all the richer for her skill, vision and dedication."

The Jarman Award, established in 2008, celebrates the diversity and creativity of artists working in film.


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