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Belfast-born artist tells of pride at his 12-year 9/11 project

By Maureen Coleman

A BAFTA-winning Belfast-born artist has described a 12-year film he made about the rebuilding of the World Trade Centre as a "calling" and a "labour of love".

Marcus Robinson (54) relocated from London to New York to work on an eclectic art project involving 35mm time-lapse film and a series of drawings and paintings captured directly from site.

The artist and film-maker, who left Belfast in his teens to study languages at Cambridge, said he felt compelled to create a body of work that would show the world what happened to the 16-acre site on September 11, 2001 in the worst terrorist attack on American soil and to celebrate its reconstruction.

Rebuilding The World Trade Centre, which won a Bafta Craft award earlier this year, first aired on Channel 4 in 2013.

The film is set for a US TV premiere on September 11, when it will be screened on the History Channel.

Marcus is back in Belfast this week to record a short film about his home city, which will be shown at a special pre-broadcast party on September 3 to celebrate the upcoming US premiere.

He said: "I was living in London at the time when I decided I wanted to do this project, but it was something that I felt very strongly about, like a calling.

"I was very settled in London but I moved to New York because I knew in my heart it was something I had to do.

"It took four and a half years to get permission to start filming on site and since then it's been an artistic labour of love.

"It's hard to define, I just felt that I had to create a poetic film about human spirit that is both artistic and uplifting."

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