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Bell plays the gentleman on set

Jamie Bell acted the gentleman on set of new film Man On A Ledge when co-star Genesis Rodriguez had to strip off.

The Billy Elliot star plays Joey, the brother of escaped convict Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington), who takes to a ledge high above New York in a bid to clear his name. Jamie and Genesis had to perform loads of stunts in the action thriller as their characters try to rescue Nick.

Jamie said: "It's great, everyone else is stuck on a ledge and she's taking her clothes off and we're jumping inside of air vents and propelling down elevator shafts and things like that."

Genesis complained: "It feels like you're in a fish tank when you take your clothes off and everyone's watching, it's like the worst feeling of all, I don't wish it upon anyone."

Jamie admitted: "It's tough to do that. I was covering you with a jacket in between takes. I was taking care of you.

"It's totally awkward to do, but you're such a trooper."

Genesis well next appear in The Last Stand with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

She said: "I'm really excited for everyone to see Arnold in his Arnold ways. It's going to be a huge film."


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