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Bell: Tintin is ageless for me

Jamie Bell has said he fancies more adventures as Tintin.

The actor, who portrays the intrepid reporter in The Adventures Of Tintin - which was directed by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson - would like the opportunity to reprise the role in sequels.

"Tintin is a very ageless character and he's a really fun character to play. I would like to go on many more adventures with this character and with Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg and all the great cast that we have, for sure," he said.

The film, based on the works by Belgian artist Herge, is said to have been planned as a trilogy, but Jamie reckons fans will make the ultimate decision.

"That's actually up to people - it's up to people to embrace this character, embrace the world and also, embrace the technology that we are using," he continued.

"We've had such positive reaction, especially from Belgium, Herge's home, which was so crucial to the film. We premiered it in Paris and the reception there was enormous. We got a standing ovation at the end.

"People are really taking it to heart, the fact that we worked so hard to make it as close to the books as possible, and I think that's a real ode to Steven Spielberg."

:: The Adventures Of Tintin is in cinemas now.


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