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Ben 'horrible' director, jokes Hamm

Jon Hamm has joked he had a 'horrible' time being directed by Ben Affleck.

The Mad Men actor, who plays an FBI agent in Ben's new bank robbery movie The Town, teased journalists about the terrible time he'd had making the film.

"It was an awful experience he's a terrible human being," Jon joked at an official press conference in Toronto.

He added: "[Ben is] talent-free I guess we could probably say, it was pure misery!"

Ben, who also stars in the movie, visibly groaned as the TV star made fun of him as a filmmaker.

"It was two-and-a-half months of absolute abject terror, misery and a horrible experience. Write it all down folks, it was horrible!" Hamm laughed.

Thankfully for Ben, Jon eventually admitted he was kidding.

"No, it was a truly wonderful experience," Jon said earnestly.

"Just knowing a little bit about how much preparation and hard work goes into merely directing something, to actually have to bring that intensity in front of the camera as well, it's an amazing achievement and I'm very proud to be a associated with him," he explained.


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