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Ben praises IT Crowd's Richard

Ben Stiller has praised The IT Crowd's Richard Ayoade for his talent at filmmaking

The unlikely pairing hit the red carpet together at the Toronto International Film Festival to promote Submarine, a new comedy directed by Richard - who plays Moss in the BAFTA-winning Channel 4 show.

Stiller serves as executive producer on the film which follows a 15-year-old boy determined to lose his virginity before his next birthday and to stop his mother from leaving his father for her dance teacher.

The Meet The Fockers star insisted Richard was the reason he'd given his backing to the project.

"[It was] this man and his talent," he explained, introducing the British comedy star to international journalists on the red carpet.

Ben added: "He wrote a really good script and he's a really talented filmmaker."

"He's done some amazing work on television. I'm very excited to support his vision," he said.


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