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Ben Shephard recounts being ‘transfixed’ at seeing Kate Garraway topless

The Good Morning Britain host explained how he saw his co-star nearly in the nude 20 years ago.

Ben Shephard recounts being ‘transfixed’ at seeing Kate Garraway topless (Anthony Devlin/PA)
Ben Shephard recounts being ‘transfixed’ at seeing Kate Garraway topless (Anthony Devlin/PA)

By Lucy Mapstone, PA Deputy Entertainment Editor

Ben Shephard has said that he was “transfixed” when he accidentally caught a glimpse of Kate Garraway without a top on years ago.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, who last week made the admission about seeing Garraway in a state of undress around 20 years ago, went into further detail while alongside his co-star on Thursday’s programme.

Shephard said that the incident occurred when they were working together and living near to each other.

“I’d invited myself over for a cup of tea like I often did because she was never that keen on me coming round,” he said.

“I was cycling everywhere at the time and Kate lived in a townhouse and her kitchen was in a basement with the railings outside the house.

“I was chaining my bike up to the gates, I’m getting shivers just thinking about it, and it was about lunchtime so Kate had obviously gone home and had a sleep because she’d been up early.”

Garraway interjected “like we often do”, to which Susanna Reid quipped: “But normally in pyjamas!”

Shephard went on: “Then suddenly someone walked into the kitchen and I looked up, and it was Kate.

“She was topless and I kind of stopped and I was transfixed.”

Laughing at his revelation, Garraway joked that he had been “paralysed like a cobra.”

Shephard explained that he had not wanted to make a movement so as not to make him visible to Garraway, so he sidled off slowly and “walked away like I’d never seen a thing”.

Ahead of the show, Garraway referenced to her long-time friend and co-star’s admission on Twitter, sharing a picture of the GMB team ready for the morning.

She wrote: “The @gmb gang is all here , fully dressed, following @benshephard ‘s revelation that he saw me naked 20 yrs ago ( & never told me til now!) Have u ever been caught in a similar pickle!”



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