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Bernal: I laughed at director Luna

Gael Garcia Bernal has revealed he found it tough to work with Diego Luna in their new film Chavez.

The Mexican film actor-director portrays activist Cesar E Chavez in the forthcoming biopic, which his long-time friend and collaborator Diego directed.

"It was very funny at the beginning, when he started to give me indication about where to sit and what to do. I just couldn't take him seriously," he said.

"But then all of a sudden, after 10 seconds of extreme laughter, we tried to hold it back and we started to work and everything was normal. He takes a hold of what he does, he is a very good director I think."

Gael, whose film No is nominated for a best foreign film Oscar, has directed a short film Drifting, picking up from where his best friend left the story.

"I think Diego and I have a different approach to everything really, maybe that's part of the basis of our friendships, and we understand that about each other," he said.

"It's funny because we are good friends that work well together, and we've had our moments of course, our ups and downs in terms of the professional side of things, and sometimes we get into arguments. But the good thing is it's because we want the best out of each other. We can bring out one another's potential."

Gael added that the arguments are only short-lived: "It's very important to be able to say we love each other. In fact our all of our emails end with te quiero mucho - I love you a lot. In English it sounds weird but in Spanish it sounds cuter."

:: Drifting is available to see online now at


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