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Berry hides Oscar in her bedroom

Halle Berry has revealed she keeps her best actress Oscar beside her Razzie award - to remind her how fickle fame can be.

The star, who picked up an Academy Award for the 2001 film Monster's Ball, gamely collected a Razzie for the box office flop Catwoman in 2005.

"The Oscar is in my bedroom in Los Angeles because I do not like people to touch it or look at it. The Razzie sits right below the Oscar," Halle told the Sun.

"It reminds me, if I ever needed reminding, about the absurdity of this career... It keeps my working life in perspective."

And the 44-year-old actress, who stars in the new thriller Dark Tide, said growing older doesn't concern her too much either.

"Growing older is not such a big deal for me, despite the fears that older actresses have in Hollywood. When I hit 40, for example, I didn't feel 40 - or whatever that is supposed to feel like," she added.

"I spent half of my career - the last 20 years - fighting for a place of a woman of colour. So finding a place in my forties does not seem so hard."


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