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Bettany: I hate the movie business

Paul Bettany has been making movies for more than a decade, but the actor has confessed he hates the film business.

The Legion star, who appears in new films Broken Lines and Margin Call, also revealed he may not take on any more action roles.

"I loathe the movie business. I love making films but I loathe the business," he told the Guardian.

"I've made a career in the film business, I've made money out of the film business, it's been really good to me. But it's kind of repulsive.

"And I hate to be one of those actors moaning about how films were better in the past, but f*** me, films were just better in the past."

The actor, who buffed up to play a rifle-carrying archangel in Legion and a vampire-fighting cleric in Priest, also said action films were "incredibly vain".

"You get all fit and feel more stupid with every push-up," he said.

"It's hard to do sit-ups and read Remembrance Of Things Past."


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