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Bettany: I won't be lazy anymore

Paul Bettany has said he will turn his back on Hollywood blockbusters to take on smaller, more interesting projects.

A Beautiful Mind actor Paul stars in British film Blood, a psychological thriller about two detective brothers, set near Liverpool.

He said: "There is less and less interesting work out there. Look at The Godfather, which was the summer blockbuster [in 1972]. It would never happen in a million years any more.

"The fact it's not [like] the Seventies is really frustrating. However, even more frustrating is listening to myself moan about it."

Paul, who is married to Jennifer Connelly, said he would not be taking roles just for the money and intends to stick to films that interest him.

"I have gone through lazy periods in my career and I won't be any more. I now know I'd rather sit on my hands at home than make a movie I don't believe in."

:: Blood is released in cinemas on Friday, May 31, and on Blu-ray and DVD on Monday, June 10


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