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Bettany: New film packs a punch

Paul Bettany has said he's determined to keep alternating between small indie flicks and big action adventures.

The British actor, who plays a vampire-fighting cleric in new film Priest, told Collider: "I love making small independent movies that are character-driven pieces where people sit down and talk a lot but I also like flying around on wires and stabbing vampires."

He added: "I really want to continue to make small movies and big action films because it thrills me and makes me happy to do both."

And Paul, who is married to actress Jennifer Connelly, reckons making the film into a 3D one was a good move.

"I was so impressed with how dark they had rendered the scenes and I was so impressed with the conversion... suddenly you get that extra punch and I felt so lifted by what I was looking at."

The star said films which were rushed through 3D conversion had given "a bad name" to the process.

"If you take your time the results can be beautiful," he added.


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