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BGT finalists DNA enjoying viewers' online theories


Britain's Got Talent finalists DNA said they are enjoying the extensive online theories viewers of the show have about how the do their magic tricks - but added no one has come close to the truth.

Friends Darren, 29, and Andrew, 43, wowed the BGT panel and audience on Monday night with their mind reading tricks and went on to win the first live semi-final of the series.

They will now perform this weekend for a chance of winning £250,000 and a spot in the Royal Variety Performance.

Following their win, DNA have been talking about the question the get asked the most - 'How did you do that?'

Of course they will never reveal their secrets, but admit they love hearing what people think.

"The theories online have been so far fetched and nuts, but no one has even got close," said Darren. "It's fun reading it though."


Speaking about the support they received from the world of magic, he added: "The comments from magicians have been amazing - a lot of people that we know have been in touch and said: 'Congratulations, you did the magic world proud'.

"Even more so from magicians we've never met, they've been tweeting us and it's just amazing."

Andrew continued: "Stephen Mulhern said to us last night that on a technical level our act was first class - so that was really nice coming from him because we respect his opinion.

"When I grew up it was David Copperfield (who I admired), and he's still out performing five hundred shows a year and for me he is still the man.

"Let's be honest, a lot of people wouldn't be doing magic today if it wasn't for Dynamo," said Darren. "So we have influences from all around the world and hopefully we can add to that.


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