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Biehn: Aliens sequels are garbage


Michael Biehn stars in new movie The Divide

Michael Biehn stars in new movie The Divide

Michael Biehn stars in new movie The Divide

Michael Biehn has slammed a string of top Hollywood directors for making sequels to films that weren't theirs originally.

The star of James Cameron's The Terminator and Ridley Scott's Aliens, branded Alien 3 by David Fincher, Alien Resurrection by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and McG's Terminator Salvation as "garbage".

Michael said: "People always ask me, 'What did you think of Alien 3, what did you think of Alien 4? What did you think of Terminator 3 and 4?

Basically I say, 'There's Terminator 1, there's Terminator 2. The rest of it is garbage. And there's Alien and Aliens. The rest is garbage'. Because you just don't follow Ridley Scott; you just don't follow Jim Cameron."

The 55-year-old actor stars in controversial French director Xavier Gens' new film The Divide.

He revealed the film had no fixed script, and the director made the actors improvise and compete on screen for attention, which created tension on set.

Michael said: "You come in and do your big scene and another actor's doing something else and the camera kind of pans off you, which caused a lot of hostility between the actors. There was a real Lord Of The Flies kind of feeling of hatred on there.

"I've done intense sets before. I've worked with [James] Cameron three times; I've worked with [William] Friedkin twice, and Michael Bay and guys like Val Kilmer and stuff. None of those sets have been as intense and as close to being violent as this set was.

"The producers were being pulled down three or four times a day to try and kind of break up actors who were fighting. We've all been around for a long time and we all fought like animals to get our chunk of film."

:: The Divide is in UK cinemas on April 20.