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Big Brother 2016 final: Andy West finishes fourth as Jason Burrill takes crown in Channel 5 reality show

Big Brother 2016 contestant and former BBC NI reporter Andy West has finished fourth in the Channel 5 reality show as Jason Burrill was declared overall winner.

West was suspended from his job at BBC NI after publicly objecting to the inclusion of Tyson Fury on the Sports Personality of the Year shortlist following controversial comments the boxer made about homosexuality. West later left the broadcaster.

West, who became engaged to his partner during the series, bounded down the stairs to greet his previously evicted housemates and pose for photographers.

He told Willis: "I've been trying to get here for weeks. They finally let me out of the house. I was nominated and nominated and nominated. They just got me wrong and they got this idea of me they wouldn't let go of."

Asked about why some housemates initially thought he was manipulative, he said: "I think if someone is quiet and thinks about things before they do things it can come across like that. I don't think there was any evidence of that."

Two other contestants Evelyn and Jayne were already evicted coming fifth and sixth respectively.  Next to depart was Jackson, leaving Hughie and Jason as the finalists.

Jackson danced out of the front door as he was evicted. Asked by Willis about how emotional he got in the house, he said: "In there emotions get built up and you can either lash out like an idiot or cry.

"I felt like in the first time in my life I could express all the personalities of Jackson, there's the street kid and the person I talk to my mum as."

Questioned about his relationship with fellow housemate Georgina Leigh, he said: "I love her, in there a day is like a month or two you see the best or worse of people in such a sort period of time.

"She was adorable to me and I became in awe of her very quickly.

"I made a lot of promises and I want to fulfil them."

The series has already seen two housemates walk out just days before the end and another two evicted without fanfare.

Evelyn Ellis and Jason Burrill, both demanded to leave the Channel 5 show on Sunday after a trial task put contestants in the dock accused of crimes such as "being a mug" and "moaniness".

Evicted housemates were called as expert witnesses to give evidence.

Tensions ran high as the losers were sent to jail while the winners were treated to a chicken dinner and Ellis and Burrill asked to leave.

They returned to the house after talking to Big Brother.

Two housemates were ejected from the house in a surprise eviction on Sunday, in an episode shown on Monday.

Sam Giffen and Alex Cannon left the house without the usual fanfare after being told they were the least popular housemates

They were not greeted by a crowd and were not interviewed by host Emma Willis after they were evicted during a fairground task.

Last week housemate Jayne Connery was taken to hospital after being hit by a wet sponge.

She appeared to lose consciousness during a game in the swimming pool, where she was trying to balance on a floating bridge while housemates threw sponges at her.

Paramedics quickly arrived and attended to Connery, who was coughing and spluttering by the poolside.

Five hours after the accident, Connery was back in the house.

Early on in the series contestant Emma Jensen was removed from the reality show house after attempting to break out.

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